Why should you service your car?

  1. Ensure safety
    The main reason for servicing your vehicle is to ensure safety for you and your family. A service is a perfect opportunity to check key components including brakes, tyres etc.
  2. Prevent malfunctions
    No one wants their car to breakdown. With a poorly serviced car or van, your car is much more likely to breakdown.
  3. Extend a vehicles life
    Routine maintenance prevents malfunctions, increases performance and fuel economy, and lengthens the life of your car or van.
  4. Reduce pollution
    Cars and vans have an impact on the environment, noxious emissions from improperly serviced vehicles can harm the environment by contributing to pollution, smog, contaminated waterways and acid rain.
  5. Preventative maintenance
    A well-maintained vehicle should save you money in the long term, identifying major malfunctions early is the key. A broken-down vehicle can lead to other unplanned costs and loss of work time.

We are pleased to offer a fixed price menu servicing on your car or van. Unlike most garages, we have based our service prices on engine size, which makes for fairer prices.

Our fixed price services

Interim Service

The is designed for the high mileage driver, or if the manufacturer recommends more frequent checks between services. A basic inspection is carried out. The engine oil and filter are replaced. (OE parts and oils are used).

Full Service (12 Months/12,000 miles)

All wheels are removed, a more comprehensive inspection is carried out. The air filter is replaced as well as the engine oil and filter. (OE parts and oils are used). Essential fluids are topped up.

Major Service (24 Months/24,000 miles)

Our most comprehensive inspection is carried out. As well as the items on the full service, more parts are replaced if applicable, such as the external fuel filter, spark plugs* etc. (OE parts and oils are used).

What are OE parts?

(OE) is original equipment quality. The oils used as set by the Manufacture. 


*Some vehicles have platinum spark plugs fitted instead of regular spark plugs. Vehicles fitted with platinum spark plugs will incur an additional £25 inc vat charge on a Major service. Feel free to check with us anytime. 

  • Repairs
    With modern workshop facilities and highly skilled technicians, we are well placed to undertake a vast range of repair work. Our modern facilities and fully trained technicians allow us to carry out any repairs that your vehicle might require. Transparency is our aim as always, we have a fixed price labour charge of £70 + VAT per hour. We promise to never carry out any work without your permission and we will always keep you updated. We stock a wide range of parts for quick repairs such a...
  • Payment Assist
    Why use payment assist? Thatcham MOT & Service Centre have teamed up with Payment assist to offer 0% interest and fee free monthly payments on repairs.* How do the payments work? You will pay a 10% deposit of the total bill via your debit card once work is complete, followed by nine more equal monthly payments, also from your debit card. Where’s the catch? There genuinely isn’t one. Quite simply, rather than incurring the cost of borrowing money from other sources, use Payme...
  • Air Conditioning
    Whether you require an air conditioning recharge or a full air conditioning service at CCS we can help you stay cool. The manufacture guideline is that you should have your air conditioning recharged every 2 years. You may, however, notice that it stops working before that. This could be simply that a recharge is required or it could indicate a fault. We are pleased to say that we can help either way. Here are our fixed price air conditioning menu prices. Prices are as follows: Air Con...
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